RTL Television – Installation Tour (2017)

On the TV programme “Art Box”, Radio Television Luxembourg features a tour of Mikhail Karikis’s survey exhibition Love Is the Institution of Revolution at Casino Luxembourg Forum d’art Contemporain, 1 July – 15 Oct 2017.

Love Is the Institution of Revolution features two projects by Karikis: Children of Unquiet (2013–15) and Ain’t Got No Fear (2016–17). Both focus on the voices of post-millennials and their visions of their own future in the wake of rapid deindustrialization in the West, specifically in Europe, and legacies of crises (from environmental to financial) inherited from the current power-holding classes.

Children of Unquiet takes place in the Devil’s Valley in Tuscany, Italy. For Ain’t Got No Fear, Karikis worked with teenagers who live in Grain, a remote industrial corner of southeast England. These two projects reveal ways in which youths reimagine industrial locations with a sense of spatial justice defined by friendship, collective agency, love, personal empowerment, and the thrill of subverting authority. By turns playful and meditative, spectacular and intimate, operatic and realist, these works resonate with new ways of thinking about the destiny of territories scarred by industrial obsolescence, and hint at foreseeable or potential futures conjured up in the imagination—both poetic and activist—of the generation most affected by current social shifts.

For more information of these two projects please visit the relevant project pages from the Projects drop-menu of this website.

Karikis’s exhibition was initiated by Casino Luxembourg Forum d’art Contemporain and organized in collaboration with Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, UK, the exhibition is curated by Miguel Amado and Kevin Muhlen. Stilbé Schroeder (exhibitions coordinator at Casino Luxembourg) gives the tour. Broadcast on 7 Sep 2017.