Acoustics of Resistance

“Acoustics of Resistance” is a project by Mikhail Karikis focusing on the climate emergency and exploring listening as a form of climate care, solidarity and activism. Combining archival visual material, climate modelling, experimental and folk music as well as futurological and speculative thinking, the project reflects on our collective responsibility toward future-holders, it invites us to rejoice in the transformative power of sound and to tune into the sonorities of ecology and socio-political change.

Two sound and video installations, a performance and a mixed media sculptural installation propose empathetic listening and sound-making as forms of socio-political action, as well as sources of hope by cultivating common visions, revealing imaginative solutions and celebrating our entanglement with the world.

The works have been created in collaboration with performers and singers from Syria, mainland Portugal, Madeira, England and Denmark, the Liverpool Socialist Singers, and students from Birmingham City University.