Visions: a super-8 film & photographs

Visions is an installation comprising a super-8 film displayed on a moviola, photographs and light. The super-8 film animates children’s visions of the future of their homes in the depopulated villages in the Devil’s Valley in Tuscany, where they are growing up, through a series of futurological drawings and urban plans generated in workshops with the artist and transferred onto film. The super-8 film is displayed on the moviola, which is operated by the viewers, and is accompanied by a series of photographs depicting the children in various states of aural contemplation: listening to the geothermal sounds of the earth, to the sustained sounds of the local power plant, as well as to each other. The installation includes a light bulb and a cotton cable creating an outline on the wall. This work is part of the project Children of Unquiet (2013-2014).